Oregon City Demographics

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Economic Characteristics

Housing Characteristics

Social Characteristics


Just the Facts about Oregon City

Population per 2010 Census - 31,859


Climate (Source: Oregon Climate Service)

Monthly Avg. Low  35F
Monthly Avg. High 82F
Hottest Month August
Coldest Month January
Driest Month July
Wettest Month December
Avg. Annual Precipitation 47.060
Avg. July Humid 62%
Avg. Jan. Humid 82%


Oregon City Firsts

  • First provisional legislature met in 1843; declared Oregon City capitol in 1844.
  • First incorporated city west of the Rockies in 1844.
  • First newspaper in the West, The Spectator in 1846.
  • First territorial legislature of Oregon Territory met in 1849.
  • First official plat for San Francisco, filed in Oregon City in 1850.
  • First Northwest city fire department opened in 1854.
  • First paper mill in Oregon Country in 1866.
  • First navigation locks in the Northwest in 1872–73.
  • First long distance transmission line of electricity in the nation, Oregon City to Portland, in 1889.